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  • How are you prepared for any situation?

    How do you guarantee you are ready for any situation? Whether you live in a small town or big city, sometimes you may end up in a vulnerable situation. While leaving work late, being in a parking lot alone, or under any other circumstances you may be in, are you prepared?

    The Mace® Pepper Spray Hard Case Purple  is the first step to feeling comfortable and safe in public, no matter who you are! The duration of the effects varies from 30 minutes up to two hours. This will provide you with enough time to get you apart from any harmful situation that threatens you. This is a great gift for the holidays coming up. Your friends and family can now feel safe while on errands or on a walk.

  • Conceal Anything In Plain Sight

     Elite Safety Products carry a serious variety of new hiding spots for your home or office that are completely inconspicuous to the human eye. You can now get crafty at hiding your expensive belongings or cash. Sometimes it is best to hide valuables in plain sight. You cannot distinguish that a random wall clock or thermometer can be holding your savings, for instance. The Thermometer Diversion Safe actually has an interior safe within it... and of course, the thermometer works! On the outside, an intruder wouldn't even imagine studying household or personal items around your home. Time to fool anyone who doesn't belong snooping around. They even have a Wall Electrical Socket Diversion Safe that is perfect for any room. The Gunk Motor Flush Diversion Safe would be a perfect gift for the men in your family and hiding place for any larger items you want to conceal in your garage.

    Take a peek at the products you can place all around your home that will blend in completely with your items you already have. At these great prices, you have unique gifts for your family on any holiday, housewarming party, or office party!

  • Item Of The Month!

    Nationally, 11 of every 100 traffic accidents are a hit and run. It's unfortunate that the victim will most likely pay the cost of everything in the end. Not only the costs of damage but it could lead to the cost of labor to fix the damage, a rental car or other travel expenses without your car, and even hospital bills if you are injured yourself. Instead of suffering from damages you shouldn't be responsible for, this Dash Camera is ideal for everyone! With a 1080P HD Camera, you will receive a crystal clear connection to your surroundings and efficiently compatible with any vehicle. You can easily plug the unit into your cigarette lighter to charge the battery and use while the car is running, also producing a full charge in only three hours. Including a built-in microphone and DVR, you can have assurance while traveling or parking in any location with 6 hours of recording storage on a 32GB SD card and also a special parking feature. If you are away, the internal battery will last about 2 days on parking mode and automatically records 30 seconds of movement if alerted. The quality and features are worth including this Dash Cam to your cars amenities. With a 170° viewing angle, a motion detection function, and a 2.31 inch LCD screen that allows you to make menu adjustments, playback, and see what the camera is seeing, so you can be prepared for anything. Whether it's a hit and run or an accident that needs to be proven who is in the wrong, instead of having to call for an investigation that will take entirely to long or may not even be resolved, you will be ahead of the game and receive the restitution you deserve.

  • Child Alarm Bracelet For The Win!

    Never leave the house without this bracelet again! The Wireless Child Leash will provide a safer situation while out in public places. A parent's worst fear is their child going missing, so this wireless device will keep you less anxious while maintaining a safe distance between you and your loved one that is connected. The two-way alarm is easy to use for both you and your child. If they are lost or in trouble they can push one button to alert you immediately. Some things can happen in an instant, but the alarm detection will confirm a set range from 10 to 100 feet in open areas so you can let them play with comfort knowing they are not too far from you. This operates wirelessly by sounding an alarm on your easily installed IOS or Android phone app.
    The alarm is convenient for all ages and objects! Whether you are a parent to a toddler or teenager or caring for your parent or grandparent, this can be used in all situations. No one or nothing gets lost going through crowded areas or on your daily errands. The alarm can simply be removed from the wristband to be used on other easily misplaced or lost possessions such as keys, purses, or even animals.
    This wristband comes at a low price, but keeping your loved ones safe is priceless. Ensure their safety while going out each day with their alarm tracker attached. No need panic going to crowded areas anymore when you can have a device that will help tremendously in times of need.

  • Love To Camp Or Travel?

    Elite Safety Products has the essentials you need to go camping. Grab the FeatherLite Survival Kit 2.0 and leave your worries behind at home! This emergency kit is compact with 10 items you may need throughout your adventures, whether your camping out deep in the woods, Hiking, RV traveling, or even boating! No matter where you go, this will fit into places smaller than the clothes you have packed.

    The kit contains a 6" light kit and signal mirror, a waterproof box of matches, a mini flashlight, an emergency poncho, blanket, and towel, a compass, and carabiner knife. An instruction sheet is added for the use of every item. In addition to the 1.0 Survival Kit, the 2.0 has 3 new products! It updated with a larger light stick, the mini flashlight, and the handy carabiner knife included, which is a definite need for endless circumstances such as finding firewood or preparing your meals!

    Whether it's your first time camping or you happen to be an expert, take your family or group of friends on a new adventure. You can now be fully prepared with this ready to use survival kit! The stress of scrambling around your home, trying to remember what you may need for your next camping trip is over.

  • Disguised Coat Hook Camera With Crystal Clear Recording!

    Protect your home or office effectively with the Round Coat Hook Hidden Camera! How obvious are other cameras you place in the corner of your ceiling so everyone can see? If you are needing something inconspicuous, this is guaranteed to get the job done.

    The features on this are spectacular. The HD resolution video is 1920 x 1080, so you can watch every detail throughout the recording. It comes with a 16 GB micro SD card that can store up to 2 1/2 hours of video and easily downloadable onto your Windows or Mac OS! Not only does it record, you can set it to the motion detectable setting for anyone that walks through the door or nearby.

    This concealable camera is a comforting touch to your family home. Now, many families need to hire a babysitter when they need to get work or errands done and safety is the number one goal in this device.  It is moveable with double-sided tape that mounts to any wall, and also comes with screws for a more permanent option. In other situations where you are out of town and needing your house to be watched, the motion detection can leave you with peace of mind. Also, In any office or workplace, cameras are beginning to be a necessity. For your safety and satisfaction, this stylish yet undetected camera will be accessible for you while in or out of the office or home!


  • 8-N-1 Tool Your Car Has Been Missing

    Many of us spend time driving daily, perhaps more of your time is sitting in your car rather than on your own couch! Incidents of being without help or stuck in your own car may have run through your head a time or two, or you may have already gone through it! Elite Safety Products has a solution for you with these beneficial tools all in one!

    Using information from multiple U.S. Census Bureau surveys,  close to 143 million Americans aged 16 and older commute to work each day. That's about 45% of the population that's on the move at any given time.  Using that information, More than 109 million commuters make their daily trip solo, which is about 76% of all commuting workers total.

    It is up to you to be as safe as you possibly can and protect yourself and your family from the dangers of driving! Commutes to work, or road trips especially, pose a risk of your car failing or often times other people failing at safe driving.

    If your car suddenly breaks down at a random place and time, this 8-N-1 Car Safety Tool is now there for you! This device is compact and can be stored anywhere until the time is indeed needed!  The charger will work as a power bank when your car no longer gives off any. You can also bring this with you anywhere you need to go, working as a portable charger for your phone or tablet. The multi-use abilities can be for emergencies or just on a camping trip away from an outlet and can charge most phones up to two times with the units 1400 mAh power bank. The charger has a USB port that will glow in the dark for easy location.

    Utilized in emergency situations, it will work as a seat belt cutter and glass breaking hammer. In the picture above, you see the hammer is simple and very effective, located in the positive pole of your charger! When you are in need of a light this will cover you with a 120 Lumen flashlight, and also a red signaling light in emergencies. This is also a hands-free device for signaling or needing to change a tire or work under the hood! The end has a convenient magnet that you can mount anywhere

    This product is useful in various situations, whether you are out camping at night or when unfortunate events happen, you can now be prepared with your 8-N-1 Car Charger Power Bank Auto Safety Tool!

  • Door Stop Alarm Under 10$!

    This one is perfect for everyone. The Super Door Stop Alarm is a compact safety item you need in your home. This will protect your home by alerting you with the 120 dB that sounds off right when it is moved. On it, you will find an easy to locate ON/OFF switch, and it also has a sensitivity switch to fit your preference.

    This will comfort you in many circumstances. The alarm will not only protect you from anyone on the outside, your door will have a childproof alert system if any little one inside tampers with it as well.

    This is not just for your home, but for school and work protection as well! Every teacher should get this for their classroom for extra precaution. If you are drawing a blank on what to get a friend, teacher, or family member, this is a great Birthday gift or stocking stuffer for anyone at an extremely low cost!

  • Attention Pool Owners: Its Time!

    Finally! Parents and dog owners can be at ease with this amazing Pool Alarm System! You are equipped with a system that sits beside your pool and a remote that will alert you within 300 ft of your pool. These easy to set up and use devices will immediately sound the alarm whenever something has gone into your pool. After the setup, you can relax and enjoy while the seasons change. The batteries will not need to be replaced for a year, and when they do, there is a notifying alarm that lets you know! The quality is guaranteed as it is dust and waterproof with a year-long battery life.

    Although pools sometimes have a cover over them, that does not stop the devastation deaths that are caused by pools yearly.  Accidents are the number 1 cause of death for those ages 1 to 42, according to the National Safety Council. Drowning is one of five accidents. Centers for Disease Control noted that drowning is the leading cause of injury death for children ages 1 to 4.

    If you or someone you know are childproofing the home, this is a necessity! You will be satisfied and, most importantly, your family will be safe during every season.


  • Arm Yourself With A Stun Gun Walking Cane

    This ZAP Stun Cane is a unique item from Elite Safety Products! Living in the country or in the city, you'll want to arm yourself with this while walking, even storing it near your bed or by your door for security. This is unlike any cane you or your family in need has seen!

    The stun cane is useful for multiple reasons.  It comes with a built-in ultra-bright LED flashlight for an added feature while walking during dawn or dusk, and if needed in your home. A nylon carrying case, AC adapter for easy battery charging, and an extra rubber tip for the end of the cane are also provided! Having a length of 32-36" it easily adjusts to any height and also provides you with a safe distance if needed for protection.

    Like all of Elite Safety Products, it's an easy to use device with a safety indicator light and an on/off switch. Most importantly, if necessary, this will defend oneself and immobilize an attacker.  This is surely intense with 4.6 milliamps and 1 million voltage!  Milliamps give the power and force needed in any situation. This combo of milliamps and voltage will ensure your safety.

    Many people have never heard of this specific safety tool, so this is a recommended gift for yourself or a loved one!



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